Monday, November 4, 2013

Kathina Ceremony

Dear Devotees
The Temple is going to celebrate
the Kathina Robes Offering Ceremony
which is one of the most important and significant ones
for both the monks and the lay-devotees.
You and your family members are cordially invited
to participate in this auspicious occasion.
Your attendance will make this occasion truly meaningful and
benefit both yourselves and all sentient beings.

    Date:            10/11/2013 Sunday

    Program Time-table
    07:00 AM        Breakfast Dana
    08:00 AM        Procession
    09:00 AM        Dhamma Talk (Mandarin)
    10:30 AM        Lunch for Devotees
    11:30 AM        Lunch Dana
    01:00 PM        Dhamma Talk (Burmese)

    Samnak Sambodhi Temple
    19, Jalan 38, Desa Jaya,
    Kepong 52100

    For Enquiries, Please contact to:
                    HP: 017 2397732
                    HP: 017 2422336