Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why many religions?

Why did “God” create so many religions? 

God did not create many religions in the world for them to hate each other or for him to assign to eternal heaven his favoured followers and condemn all other religionists to eternal hell for not following his religion.

For God who is supposed to be almighty, all loving and all embracing, this would be his biggest sin - not being able to love everyone for what they are.

Man, and not God, made the many religions in the world. This happened because man did not understand nature and the many phenomena on earth. Not being able to relate and answer these situations, man believed there must be a greater external force beyond his comprehension that guides the earth. Thus, based on differences and blind faith, many religions arose to fulfill man's emotional need to reduce the dissonance.

God was mistakenly thought to have created everything - he had a hand in everything - the creation of man, the earth, the universe, sicknesses, earthquakes, rain, wind, etc. Over time, however, with more discoveries by science, God’s originally vast ‘role in creation’ is diminishing over time. God merely becomes God of the Gaps - what man cannot explain with his limited frame of reference or knowledge is attributed to God. As time passes, this gap becomes narrower and narrower till one point where God will have no role to play in man’s creation or destiny. Man created god and the many different religions, not the other way round.