Monday, October 3, 2011


The rains retreat of the monks (vassa kala) ends on the full-moon day of October. Drring the Vassa retreat that lasted for three months, the monks have served the community of followers in various ways such as giving sermons, teaching Dhamma and meditation, counseling and serving in many other ways. The monks end the retreat, by performing a Monastic Disciplinary Act (vinaya kamma) kalled the Pavarana. After this the monks are free to leave the place where the retreat was held.

Before they leave, it is the custom of the devotees to hold a farewell ceremony for the monks. This is called the Kathina Ceremony. During this ceremony many gifts are offered to the monks as well as gifts for the upkeep of the monastery (Vihara).
A very important part of this ceremony is the offering of a special robe called the Kathina Civara, which is made in a special way, through the contributions of and collective effort of many devotees. This is also offered in a special way by carrying the “Kathina Robe,” in a parade.
We Buddhist devotees recognize that the very presence of the Maha Sangha at the monastery is great blessing. They provide an opportunity to make merit by giving gifts to them. The Maha Sangha, after all, depends on the devotees for subsistence. Maha Sangha is the vehicle that carries the Dhamma to the world and into the future from generation to generation, and from century to century. This Dhamma is carried not only by precept but also by example.

There are three conditions when fulfilled that makes a gift to the Maha Sangha be of infinite merit to the giver. These conditions are especially fulfilled on this occasion, for, this is a time when the minds of the givers are extremely pure, and the minds of the recipient monks are also very pure, while the gifts given on this occasion are also of special value.
Therefore to participate in this ceremony is considered to be of great spiritual benefit to everyone. This is one of the highest meritorious deeds among the ‘eight great kusala kamma’.
The Management Committees of the Kepong monastery have great pleasure in inviting you to participate in this year’s Kathina Ceremony on Sunday 23rd October 2011. The programee for this auspicious and meritorious occasion is as follows:-

Program Time-table
07:00 AM         Breakfast Dana
08:00 AM         Procession
09:00 AM         Dhamma Talk (Mandarin)
10:30 AM         Lunch for Devotees
11:30 AM         Lunch Dana
01:00 PM         Dhamma Talk (Burmese)

Samnak Sambodhi Temple
19, Jalan 38, Desa Jaya,
Kepong 52100

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