Friday, August 27, 2010

Pali Proverbs

Useful Proverbs
(from Buddhist Texts)

‘People who are heedful never die’
Appamatta na miyanti

‘Heedfulness is the way to immortality’
Appamado amatam padam

‘It is best to conquer oneself’
AttA have jitaM seyyo

‘In this world desire is the most difficult thing to give up.
Iccha lokasmim dujjaha

‘An angry person does not see what is right’
Khuddho dhammam na passati

‘One will reap in the way one has sown’
Yadisam vapate bIjam, tadisam labhate phalam

‘Let a wise person first establish himself in the proper path’
Attanam eva pathamam, patirupe nivesaye

‘Righteousness will protect those who are righteous’
Dhammo have rakkhati dhammacari

‘Rise up, do not be heedless’
Uttitthe na pamajjeyya

‘One is one’s own master, for what other master could there be’
Atta hi attano natho, ko hi natho paro siya

‘Wealth ruins the fools’
Hananti bhoga dummedha

‘There is no safe place in this world for those who commit evil’
Natthi loke raho nama, papakammam pakubbato