Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why Dhamma Garden

When I pursued BA degree in Sasana University of Mandalay I met many foreigners coming to the historical places such as Shwenandaw monastery, Atumashi Kyaung and Mandalay Hill.

Then I found so many difficulties to communicate with them. I could not say anything to them. Even I could not say “Hello” to them. It was not that I don’t know English but that I hardly got an opportunity to speak it. I do not have ‘the used-to’ in it. 
I could not satisfied to the situation I am facing because I had learnt Buddhism and had known about Buddhism in Pali, Burmese and English as well at that time.

While in Sri Lanka, I got a chance to study English again at Aquinas College in which students must use English only as communication tool. Because of that, students there can speak it fluently and perfectly. So they have ‘the used-to’ in it.

Then I come to know the difference between the above two academic places. The Dhamma Garden Centre aims at fulfilling that crack too.

The Centre attempts to evaluate Buddhist knowledge and English skills with which the students would meet their needs and help them to fulfill their aspirations and ambitions in life. For that purpose, the centre is keen in giving the best or rather doing the best for the students. The Centre is open and welcome to all regardless of age, race and sex. No matter whether you are the secular or the religious.

The Centre will be run as follows;
(1) Preliminary Level Part (I)
(2) Preliminary Level Part (II)
(3) Intermediate Level Part (I)
(4) Intermediate Level Part (II)
(5) Final Level

A student needs to sit placement test for the level. Duration of each level is six months and the Centre will confer Diploma Certificate after Final Level Pass.