Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Background of Dhammagarden

While studying in Sri Lanka, I have observed that most of the young Sri Lanka know the very core of Buddhism; they actively participate in all Buddhist festivals and ceremonial religious occasions. This kind of lay Buddhists youth whole hearted participation in all religious affairs, at least to me, can only happen when one has a deep faith in the three jewels that they took refuge, - Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. 

My observation of Sri Lankan youth is a great inspiration for me to set up an Institution to promote a similar kind of strong faith in the Buddha’s teaching of the youth of our country, Myanmar.

I then looked at what was the cause of this in such a system?

First of all, the Sri Lanka youth have acquired the skill of English language both oral and writing skill in Sunday school conducted by the Monastery; the youth are being taught Buddhism in English. English medium of communication is critical and essential for any one to work in the area of Buddhist missionary both within and outside the country. They have been exposed to the given opportunity to study Buddhism in Sunday Dhamma School in Buddhist Temples since they were young. It is, I believed, a compulsory for them to attend Sunday school to study Buddhism.

Observing the success of training Sri Lanka youth has induced in me great inspiration to organize a systematic study and teaching of Buddhism in English to the Burmese youth.
The land has been accepted for the centre and the building would be started on October 2009 and we expect to be able to open it by January 2012.