Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finding a true guru

(1) Be selective. Check the guru’s background before choosing to become a follower. A guru is a teacher who should have studied and attained a high level of spiritual development and God-consciousness.
(2) Check the lineage of the guru: for example, is he or she initiated and, if so, by whom? Is the guru’s guru known and respected?
(3) Do not become carried away by the religious rituals the guru performs.
(4) A guru should abstain from marriage and sexual relations for religious reasons.
(5) A true guru will not simply hand out answers to all your questions but will enlighten you with his wisdom and teachings.
(6) Your guru is your spiritual teacher on the path to finding God. Do not expect him or her to perform miracles, although you may experience wonders in their presence.
(7) Improve your understanding about God-consciousness through spiritual studies so that you have some foundation on the science of spirituality before picking a guru.
(8) Meet more than one guru so you can analyse which one is right for u.
If you meet someone about whom you feel strongly, go ahead and test him or her. There is nothing wrong with questioning a potential guru, because just as a guru tests his disciple before imparting knowledge, you can also test the guru’s worthiness.
(8) A genuine guru is a true healer and will perform this service and offer his blessings selflessly and unconditionally without requesting for money.
(9) A guru is beyond organized religion and he looks on all of mankind as the same. The master does not discriminate on the basis of culture, nationality or gender. The true guru only seeks the student who intensely desires spiritual growth.
(10) A guru will never ask a student to renounce his or her religion. The guru will lift the student to comprehend the universal spiritual principles that underline all religions. Whichever spiritual path or religion one follows, they all finally lead to the path of grace of the guru.
Source: The Star 18 April 2010