Thursday, February 25, 2010

Smoking (ေဆးလိပ္)

Hello my friends,
I wanna tell u about how bad smoking is!!
U smoke, u buy bad cancer for u!!! Here are some pictures!!!
Check it out!!!
It can cause lung cancer!!!
Smoking can badly affect your own beauty! This photo approves this.
The beautiful teeth of this woman are destroyed by smoking.
 So just consider how bad smoking is,,,,, friendsss!!
Just check out friends!! this is the difference between normal and smokers' lung...
U can feel peptic ulcers and coronary artery disease
(just like atherosclerosis)
This is the smoker's artery! It can cause atherosclerosis & even complete blockade of thrombus as shown in above picture!
You waste your precious time and money too.
This is the chart of deaths from smoking!
U smoke, you make yourself bad and other!!
The people around you breathe cancerous agent from your smoke!!
Now do you wanna cut your smoking habit?
Smoking is not physical dependence!! It is psychic dependence!
It doesn’t need your body! But it is need of your mind!!
Cut the smoking habit!!
And have a happy, healthy and meaningful life......
Credit: forwarded mail)